Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Alligator

Did you know we have a pet alligator? He often eats once a day. And sometimes twice. In order to have a cheerful helper, I christened our exterior trash can, Alligator. Alex is pleased to feed Mr. Alligator. There is always the fear that if Alli doesn't get enough to eat he may come indoors and nibble on the children's toes. Today, I watched from the window as Alex took the trash out. I saw him talking outside. And most people would think to himself...but I know differently. Alli and him were holding a conversation. Alex said he told Alligator he brought him breakfast. Supposedly, Alligator smacked his big chompers and said thank you. Indeed even alligators have manners.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Carpet of Leaves

Today it is snowing. I have only a few days left to rake the leaves to the curb before the city collects them. (That is a story in itself... the city brings in tractors which push the leaves into a pile about five feet high and then scoop them up with giant salad tongs and toss them into a big mixing bowl on wheels.) Due to the current weather, the wet leaves will cling to the grass and perhaps be buried in snow. It looks cold outside and my enthusiasm for raking has grown colder still. But thankfully, I did finish most of the back yard a few days ago.

I began reading a biography called The Bride's Escape by Donita Dyer. It recounts the life of an Armenian girl in the late 19th century. Heart wrenching treatment at the hands of the Turks, but such forgiveness for her enemies and unshakable faith in God. A loom took up most of the space in her family's two room house. The rugs she and her sister wove were to ornament the palaces of Europe. I appreciate my beautiful handwoven rug so much more. Now when I walk on the vibrant pattern I can see a great artisan, perhaps but a child. What pride the weaver must have had on its completion! The book also has encouraged me to be thankful for the nation I was born in and the saftey my children enjoy...especially the future for my beautiful daughters.