Thursday, September 06, 2012


This book reminds me a bit of Heidi Baker's work in Mozambique, taking care of the least of these, with great joy and abandon. Katie has a beautiful way with words and her understanding of Jesus' love for her is contagious.  She shares how the Lord has taught her and filled her house to overflowing with children.  She writes with more maturity and selflessness than many people twice her age.  I think God delights in using those who choose His adventure rather than the safety of their own.. 

I loved this book.  It is a heart-wrenching and beautiful look into China and the persecution Christians face there.  This is a fictional account based on much research and fact.  The underground church is alive and constantly dispersed by the enemy to rehabilitation camps which in God's divine plan allows a church to pop up in another province.  Christians are struck down, but not dismayed.  One memorable line of the book, "Is this my day to die?"  And "Real gold fears no fire." 

This thick book took me a bit to finish, but it was worth the time.  I am amazed how the political and spiritual state in America is devastatingly similar to Germany.  Many churches are becoming soft on sin and watered down.  Since the church doesn't preach a captivating God-centered gospel anymore, people are indifferent and growing more and more secular. Like the books before this one, I think the message is clear.  Today is the day to be hot and not lukewarm.  Today is the day to view all reality through Christ.  Today is the day to stand together in the inerrancy of Scripture and the life transforming work of the Holy Spirit.  Today is the day to love people deeper and care less about the moth-eaten, rust-destroyed and thief-taken things in life.  As Bonhoeffer came to more and more radical views on his responsibility as a Christian, I think we may all have to do likewise.  We are to be of those who don't shrink back. 

Always on the lookout for fun Christ-honoring fiction, I
 read these before I handed them over to Alex.  The Peleg Chronicles are suppose to happen around the time the earth was divided.  I think some of the charcters are quite lovable, but the first book imparticular is somewhat confusing.  I like that the heroes quote Scripture...even that which has not yet been written.  The author envisions the time after the flood much like a time of knights and ladies, but with worshippers of dragons and giants riding wooly mammoths.  The second book is much better written and the story moves along better.  Each book leaves you with a cliff hanger so expect to read another if you want to find out what happens.