Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday snow

Ben, post call, but willing to play outside with us. Jane liked being pulled around in the sled. She was so padded in warmth she could barely move in her bunting. Little snowflakes collected on her nose and lashes.

Whenever Jane has a chance she is standing now. I love her footing in the picture.

When she is up... all our books come down. Her favorite pursuit is to clear the shelves as quickly as possible. She is a minimalist. Clear that clutter.

Emily pleased to help out with the shoveling.

Even if we don't pile into the car to go sledding on the golf course, they still enjoy being pulled in the yard.

Helping them form a pillar. With this snow, building an igloo would be possible.

The beginnings of a robotic snowman. Alex has close tabs on Emily so she won't knock their masterpiece down prematurely. I've seen people paint their snowmen with food coloring. I've been amazed at the sophistication and variation of the snowmen here. Ours tend to look like a Southerner has made them. I guess we don't have enough practice yet.

Our house with our massive trees. May the trees remain pointing to heaven and not fall on us in a storm. That would be a dramatic way to meet our Maker.

That Coke does something to my eyes. Mmm. SO Good.

A snow angel if I have ever seen one.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Vengence of the Squirrels

Sadly, yesterday Ben found another hole in the attic that our pesky creatures have claimed their's. Once again, I watched Ben climb the 20 foot ladder while holding screws, a drill and flashing. And for the second time the ground was slick with snow. The ladder wobbled enough that it made me nervous...and I decided I would prefer to hear a fall than watch a fall. Regardless of the ladder being short for the job, Ben managed once again to patch our house. I feel like a mix between the witch in Hansel and Gretal, "Nibble, nibble, nibble who gnaws my house to rubbble." and the dodo from Alice in Wonderland who says, "We'll smoke the monster out." In this case, I have concluded there are multiple monsters. Right now, I am blasting them with the radio. I hope they hate talk radio and pack their bags, but I fear they will leave reluctantly since it will be in the teens this week.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Power outage and fur coats

Fritz in my Goodwill fox coat. The boys thought it grand fun to dress in my coats. It reminded them of Narnia where the children wear fur coats from the wardrobe.

Sir Knight and Little Miss Arsenal. Maybe Jane will be the damsel in distress, because Emily wants to fight alongside the boys. Having the boys first I guess makes Emily one tough cookie.

Wearing Daddy's coat. What a handsome fellow. He is in the process of growing his hair out for the first time since he was about 1 something. He has had a buzz for years.

Funny bunny Jane. She is getting her first tooth.

Admiring some fat squirrels in our yard. Ben discovered they were storing food in our attic. About 100 pine cones and munching loudly while we were trying to sleep. He cleared out their stash and blocked their entrance. (He did this all on a twenty foot ladder with ice on the ground. He could have been his own patient.) Thanks to his bravery, we can get some precious shut eye.

A rare sight...Emily smiling for the camera. Recently she has begun singing Jesus Loves Me with a verse saying "I am hungee (hungry)."

Gorgeous E, the Silver fox. I meant to post the other day, but we had a power outage due to the ice storm. Eight hours later power was back up. Boy, do I admire our forefathers. How difficult it must have been to stay warm and see adequately. How time consuming cooking and gathering firewood would have been. What a privilege to live when nights can be as bright as day and microwaves nuke hot dogs.

P.S. The cat has stayed, but has resigned herself to spending most of her time where the children are not. She was named Wensleydale. The origin is Wallace and Gromit. Their favorite cheese is Wensleydale. If we get another animal we'll have to name it Crackers.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bath time

A picture of health. How wonderful to live where my baby's belly isn't bloated from hunger, but round from excess. She has become quite the eater. This morning Jane ate a cinnamon raisin pancake (minus the syrup). She carefully picked up each piece off her tray and put it in her mouth. She chewed each bite and then reached for another. I couldn't believe she could feed herself. She is doing everything earlier than her siblings.

A belly like a beach ball and a smile like an angel. She loves to be independent. She sits up steadily now, crawls as if Emily were after her and even pulled herself to flat foot the other night. Ben witnessed her standing in her crib and Jane began laughing. How proud she was. She is in a hurry to grow up...I wish she would take her time.

You just feel like you need to kiss that button nose and blow on her tummy.

Monday, January 08, 2007

blurry kitty

After having a nameless kitty for two days, I understand the rise in virtual pets. She is 8 months old and came to live with us on Saturday due to an absurd mental lapse in our no inside pet policy. She is the most tolerant kitty and has let Emily carry her upstairs and here and there. However when the kids are in bed she is more comfortable. She snuggles in your lap and purrs incessantly. She is very affectionate, but she does shed and only after two days I'm finding hair nearly everywhere. I am pondering whether this sweet creature will have to find her home with someone who is less particular about cat hair.

If we do keep her, I guess she will need a name. Emily calls her Catty, Alex wants to call her Tink and Fritz wants to call her ChoCho (after Daddy's favorite beverage Coke). Catsmeat Potters Purrbright would be distinguished, but a cat with three names might get stuck up and not mingle with us commoners. What to do? What to do?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Your Identity is Safe with Me

Happy Birthday on the 2nd, Spiderman. How we have enjoyed you these seven years. When in our care did you get bit by the spider?

Our next door neighbor's two-year-old son was probably munching on a bowl of Cheerios when his life was forever changed by seeing Spiderman pop his head over our fence. His mom relayed he gasped for breath and stumbled on the sacred word...Spiderman. He watched mesmerized by the flying red and blue nylon-clad figure play on Alex's swing set. How was he so lucky to sight a super hero on a Tuesday?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Slide Show

Sleepy head

47 degrees

Emily assisting her lamb. Lamb kept falling off the tricycle...poor thing. A rare 47 degrees in December and the sun was shining too. Emily took off her sweater, because she thought it was so warm.

Alex posed before our storm door. Not cold enough for snow. Only rain.

Zorro and Fritz crossing stick swords. Snow boots double as swashbuckling boots. They are so easy to put on. Since we have a shoeless house it is nice not to tie laces every time they decide to go out.

Emily and Lamb riding the tricylcle.

Dresses on little girls are so becoming. She looks like a little doll. She has spied some creepy crawly. One of her favorite dresses, because it has ladybugs on it.