Monday, March 26, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Relocator that Cares

We came home to a foul smelling yard and thought there was a skunk dance party under the children's playhouse. Well, after baiting a trap with tuna fish, Dr. B caught the stinky culprit. This perfume-packing opossum was pint-sized compared to the one a few weeks ago, but its powerful odor prompted free relocation. I think if this keeps up I might just have to get an advertising magnet for Dr. B's truck. After all, the realtors have them. Why not drum up a side business as the most-trusted possum relocator in this county?

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Less than Ordinary Educations

This WWII English girl leaves her family for the safety of the countryside and unknown foster parents. What a crazy era! I can't imagine if the US was at war on its own terra firma I would send my kids to Montana to utter strangers, but then again the houses on my street seem unlikely to tempt a bombardier and there are no munitions factories around the corner.

This title captured my attention. Beautifully-written. It was a thoughtful glimpse into one family's hardships as white pioneers in east and central Africa. I definitely need a tree of forgetfulness in my backyard. And I think everyone should have an aunt named Glug.

This one transports you into a crazy big family of homeschoolers. It was light-hearted and full of good sense. I think if you have 11 kids and you are not in a women's correctional facility than you would have to have laughter longer than the day and patience reaching to tomorrow.