Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hike Hill Country

Understated Alex is like moss on a rock.  He has a solid base and is spirtually green and vibrant. 

Winsome Fritz.

Emily is motion and energy. 

Jane is my note writer and telephone answerer...she has a promising future as a secretary.
Dear girl, work for a bachelor, because a wife might be jealous.

Holding the hand of the great man she is named after.

Dappled in sunlight like his disposition.

Salute worthy.

My little Boop is a living cartoon.  Kisses and bops on the head in the matter of minutes.

My handsome mountain man pondering life.

The girl with the milk chocolate heart.  Be careful she could melt in a hot hand.
If only he follwed her home, she would have mothered him.

Rock chairs.
Rock hallways.

Rock beds.