Monday, February 26, 2007

My Little Artists

Jane sporting a beret. Since she sticks out her tongue practically all day, I think she could paint with it. It really is a most peculiar phenomenon. Is her tongue too large for her mouth? Or her mouth too small for her tongue? A book I recently started said the girls in Tibet greet people with their tongues sticking out. Maybe she is versed in the Tibetan culture and just trying to be friendly.

Emily is an artist too. She is a drama mama. Last night when Ben went to check on her at 8:30pm, she said, "Daddy, I'm reading. Don't turn the light off or I'll spank you." Ben turned the light off and fled for his life. Little E scares us.

Drawing is a favorite past time. In her enthusiasm, paper and crayons get scattered on the floor. Jane loves the chance to eat Emily's artwork and taste the crayons. When I opened Jane's mouth tonight, she was chewing on a green bean colored crayon. At least she isn't opposed to her veggies.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Enjoying a chocolate donut. Scrumpdiddlydicious!

A Valentine message in the driveway. Alex and I sprayed the snow with food coloring. Of late, we have also been enjoying lots of snow cones. Juice concentrate drizzled over the snow makes cheap dessert. The only drawback is that you can't have them when the weather is warmer. By the time you have finished the last spoonful, the shivers set in, especially since we keep our house at 62 in winter.

Why did you wake me? Ben told me Jane was hugging her shark in her sleep, by the time I got the camera her little arms had repositioned and the flash woke her. Oops.

We're all prisoners here, Chicky Baby!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hair and Headwear

Alex with water drips all over his sweatshirt and fun hair. Just don't go outside with wet'll turn into a frozen porcupine.

Jane with red tints.

Fritz looking solemn in his jester hat.

Fritz looking jolly.

A pirate hat and patch. Dress up is a constant event at our house. I never know who I might meet in the hall...a president or a chimney sweep.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cubbie Bear

After receiving his award patches, Fritz poses with Cubbie Bear.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bizarre Events

Today I found out from a wedding planner (by mail and newspaper engagement clipping) that my husband is getting married. Congratulations! Who is the lucky lady? I sure wouldn't want to use the planner's services since I bet they would botch the guest list and alienate your dear Uncle Alfie and Aunt Methuselah. Now there are 3 men of the same name in our city. We field calls for one of them on a regular basis. It makes it doubly confusing since he is a doctor too. Yesterday I found out that my husband's publisher (by phone) wants to speak to him about his book. Wow, my husband, the author! When does he have time to write?

Today we also went to the post office. My kids had a blast waiting in line because there was two inches of water on the floor inside. They splashed in the water with their snow boots. The lady in front of me asked the mail clerk whether she was aware of the water on the floor. No, they weren't. They sent someone to investigate and found water cascading down the stairs like a waterfall. Wild! I only hope my package doesn't get water damaged.

Pink and red clash, food on your face, a dirty collar and your tongue is hanging out like a frog...but you are still amazingly cute, little fire chief.

Now Emily knows what it is like to be in mommy's shoes. As you can see, Emily's hair is getting darker and growing so long. She isn't keen on styling it though. If you look closely, you can see Jane eager to taste those shoelaces.

The moisture on the window turned to an ice design. You can see glimpses of icicles hanging from the roof outside. It has been bitter cold with the wind chill in the -20s. Snow is a foot deep.

Friday, February 02, 2007

God's Gift of Purity

I am disgusted that Merck has been lobbying states to make a cervical cancer vaccine mandatory. Is there not a huge financial gain from their drug being mandatory for all girls? Just click the article link below...potential of 3 billion in sales. It may be hush hush in the medical community, but cervical cancer is caused 100% of the time by a virus that is sexually transmitted. Texas government has basically said 11 and 12 year old girls can't be trusted to keep themselves pure. As parents, we try so hard to instill in our children moral values in a culture of relativity. What a discouraging overreaching of government!!

On a positive note, we were given this fabulous book for our young children. I love what it teaches. The illustrations are enchanting and the story treasures what we hold sacred... "God's gift of purity." Do check it out at your local Christian bookstore.