Thursday, November 13, 2008

8 Things About Me

8 TV shows I love to watch

This list might indicate that I watch more TV than I do, but my favorite shows I do watch on DVD or when we get a chance to watch cable (which we don't have).

1. Divine Design
2. Flip This House
3. This Old House
4. I Dream of Jeannie
5. Ace of Cakes
6. Get Smart
7. Design Star
8. 17 Kids and Counting (I have a fascination with large do they do it?)

8 Favorite Restaurants

Again we rarely eat out, but that doesn't mean I don't have a list. For someome who is not confident in her culinary skills, I appreciate other people cooking.

1. Pappadeaux
2. Hu Dat (Vietnamese)
3. Papa Murphy's Pizza
4. Shawarma King (Lebanese)
5. Sushiya
6. La Madeliene
7. Freebirds
8. Neiman Marcus' Zodiac Room

8 Things that Happened Today

1. I woke up with a hoarse voice
2. Jane woke up sad that her Halloween candy is all gone
3. We began school after eating eggs and carrot cake for breakfast
4. Ben came home in the morning unexpectedly, and then fell asleep
5. I packed 5 more boxes and stacked them
6. I called my sister to wish her happy birthday
7. Ben's mom called to report on our house in Texas
8. The sun came out

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Finishing packing, and unloading the last item from the moving van
2. A clean, uncluttered house + a sold house
3. Sunday school
4. Time to sew, paint and create
5. Moving into our new house
6. A stimulating book
7. Listening to Rush
8. Having a tan again

8 Things On My Wish List

1. An Orka oven mitt
2. To educate my children to be thinkers, to desire to learn for themselves
3. To know my Bible, but more importantly to love more deeply
4. A trip to Japan, Israel and Spain
5. My own tennis court and a laundry line
6. To write a book
7. To have a quiet, uncomplicated life
8. To buy better brie and water crackers

8 People I have tagged
(Don't feel obligated to participate as time is a precious commodity)

1. Jeanine
2. Jen B.
3. Jenny
3. Jessica
4. Lori
5. Margaret
6. Shayna
7. Stephanie
8. And you

Saturday, November 08, 2008

To the test taker

Since I did the abbreviated version of formal school, I have a profound respect for my husband. He has taken the lengthy road. Today he sat for his annual 6 hour exam and I can promise you I wouldn't have switched places with him even if the kids had been running around the house smashing dishes. Give me a dust broom and I will clean up the fragments, but ask me to use my ailing intellect for 6 grueling hours and I would burst out into tears or eat a pound of chocolate and then rip the box of evidence to shreds. How amazingly God made my test taker. He is calm and steady...he has endured many a sleepless night, early mornings, weeks without a day off, demanding patients, psychotic attendings and being quizzed at all hours of the day. I am an emotional wreck and my tests only consist of wiping runny noses and being patient with my cute offspring. Aah, what appreciation I have for the test taker. Someday I hope to be more like him.