Friday, September 21, 2007

Catch up photos

Fritz scored a goal in his first soccer game.

Snow White, but where are the seven dwarfs?

The last hospital anklet. Poor Ben and Alex had fever from their final rabies shot, but the ER ordeal is over. Hooray.

Ben embellished my hair with some foliage. Thanks. I think I looked like a reindeer from the front.

Being last has developmental advantages, Jane has figured out how to draw with crayons. She even switches colors.

Since spring in Chicago, my diamond has been loose. Now my new setting dazzles on my left hand. Some months early for our tenth anniversary.

Friday, September 07, 2007

A picture of life

Emily's self-haircut has grown. Yeah! The rebellious strands stay plastered down for a brief moment after styling.

My girl with the highest threshold of pain I have ever seen. She is resilient and tough. She wins the bravery award for the rabies shots. She merely says a quick "ouch" and doesn't even cry. Maybe God is preparing her for the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

Alex looking like a Bermudan policeman. Shorts and knee socks. Thank you for your prayers! God made Alex brave and he did the best he has done on our 4th set of shots. Next Friday we will celebrate our final visit to the ER. Then selective members of our family will be for hire to catch your rabid pests; we'll be in business for the next ten years.

The little raggedy herself.