Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The A+D Incident

At midnight I woke up and wearily took myself upstairs to bed. I had fallen asleep on the floor watching a movie. As I reached the landing that unusual fishy smell of A&D ointment wafted heavily in air. Though not fully awake I still registered trouble. I flicked on the lights to find an entire 10 by 19 bedroom decorated with the likes of Vaseline from a full tube of toothpaste. That frightful ointment was smeared on the floor, and on the bedsheets and on a number of stuffed animals and dolls and even on the hair and clothes of one of the sleeping occupants. I was stunned. Emily must have travelled into Jane's room, discovered the hidden diaper rash ointment, returned to her brothers' room, flipped the cap and proceeded to squeeze the tube emptier than even her thrifty mother eventually would have. My toes were feeling moisturized while my heart was cracked and dry of love for the little troublemaker. How could she do this?

As you may know, A+D ointment is not water soluble so I had my doubts whether the glistening yellow swirls and smears would ever come out. And in fact they didn't. Some things were tossed in the trash and others were cleaned as best as possible. Fortunately, the wood floors saved an expensive re-carpeting job. Well, the bedsheets once looked better, but a week later I can almost laugh at the A+D incident. FYI, "A" stands for angel and "D" stands for devil. And E is my little A+D.

An explanation in pictures

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guess Who's Walking

Sticking her tongue out provides balance as she walks.

She did it. Laughing at her success.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Blurry Years

Since yesterday was Emily's third birthday. I have posted some pictures that capture a few moments in the last three years.

Many of the photos are suitably blurry since she grew up in a blur. I don't remember her as a baby. I remember months and months of skin problems and doctor visits. Thankfully, the Lord has seen fit to lessen the severity of her sun exposure.

Modeling an antique sunbonnet.

Our little street urchin. Her tangled hair and dirty face would bring charitable gifts from the hardest of hearts.

The arrival of her newest baby doll.

Paper party hats for Dad's birthday.

Sun troubles.

The elfkins and Emily.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

True to Texas

Last week we flew home to visit family in West Texas. Enjoy the photos.