Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dancing Lights

The absurdity of living in the great north is that we find it difficult to sleep when the temperature reaches the high 60s. It is a scorcher when outside is 79. And it is only mildly cold when it is 45. Last night it was sweltering. For the first time this year we turned on the ceiling fans.

This morning as Jane watched me make the bed she gasped and pointed to the ceiling. "Look, Mommy, the light is dancing."

Little does she know we are moving to a land where you hope your lights rumba and waltz perpetually.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jellybean Jane

Easter delight. 203 eggs to find for four kids. Jane is a particularly excellent candy consumer.

Jane rejoicing in the moment.

Standing tall...with shoes on the wrong feet.

Jane volunteers to take the trash out all by herself. Sometimes she balances the trash bag on her head so she can open the mouth of the alligator (garbage container) and get the bag high enough to drop in. This is a mighty accomplishment for someone of her stature.

Monday, April 06, 2009

King Stitch

Since the sight of blood makes some people squeamish, I made these images black and white. Poor Prince Pocketknife was resizing a cardboard box and slit his thumb.

Fortunately King Stitch was home. He found his doctor bag and sterilized his instruments. In a few moments Prince Pocketknife's gaping slit was neatly sewn.

Two stitches wiser and

bravely silent.

Today's Wake-up Photo

Thursday, April 02, 2009

The old Read-olla

My book suggestions of the week:

Astounding! Fast-paced and exquisitely descriptive.

Travel to Greenland and to a little known war conflict. The author makes you feel the inner palpitations of the "enemy": the regret and indecision, the loyalty and fear, the thought process and humanity.

Save this for the day you are feeling sorry for yourself. It changed my perspective of what we "need" for this life and what God wants for us. The road of obedience may not be easy. Like his last name Goforth, God sent this Canadian forth to do amazing things in a distant land. His faith, uncomplaining spirit amidst great devastation and exhaustless service well into his golden years is hard to condense. I read this aloud to Alex.

This last one has some faulty earth origins, but even still it is an interesting look at an eccentric Polish family in WWII. It is tragic when you realize the Polish people fared so badly in the war. They were invaded by two countries, much of their population annihilated, their buildings rubble-ized and then their Soviet "rescuers" enslaved the survivors in a restrictive colorless existence. What I took away was that freedom becomes more precious when we loose it.

Crazy Hat Night

An hour before Awana, we remembered it was crazy hat night. With a quick look in the pantry we came up with some inspiration. They both won prizes...delicious candy.

Strutting His Stuff

I have a crush on my mechanic. He is so muscly and cute. With a little know-how and lots of physical strength he changed a broken strut on our Honda Odyssey.

The impressive coil spring that was broken. Now the car rides much more smoothly!