Monday, November 24, 2014

My Super Trooper

 Teddy's surgery on his hand went well.  He wins the Super Trooper award for handling a long arm cast with an uncomplaining spirit and sweet smile.   He'll get an early Christmas present when his arm is unwrapped on the 23rd.

Led by the Hand or Dragged by the Coattails

A powerful book has the ability to take you gently or forcibly to a place you might not venture on your own.  Here are my recent reads to move the most complacent to think.

Beware of some strong language.  This is a book of a North Korean defector and the inside workings of the hermit kingdom.  Freedom is so precious that many attempt escape from their repressive homeland, but few make it.   Even fewer escapees pen what they know, due to the fact that family and friends left behind will face certain disappearance. 

Fast moving and quite incredible that a Jewish lady finds help among the Muslims as she flees her native land in front of Hitler's advances. 

A book to confirm that God's plans can never be thwarted.  He placed a pharmacist behind bars so that she might meet Himself.  The prisoner becomes free as only God can do.   In a place of despair and brokenness, Jesus reshapes a woman's whole way of thinking and consumes her with His grace. 

Crazy and well-researched.  God is indeed humbling the proud and working all things to his good purpose.  Thought provoking for America's future.

Out of intense grief, a woman pours herself into a worthy call.  She rescues kids from human trafficking and sets up safe havens for them in which to learn and grow.  This book is a transforming tale of how her cause for the rejected and misused sweeps away her former expectations for what makes a good life.  She finds she doesn't miss the things and wishes she could only do more for the people.

If I ran a high school, this would be required reading for every graduate.  This is where Communism will eventually lead.   The personal epic moves without justifying survival behavior.  A Cambodian man traces his heart-breaking escape story from Pol Pot's genocide.

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