Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wet pages

Last week, I read this book and was crying through many of its pages. It was such a sweet snapshot into a Christian family's life and how they are dealing with their grief. I loved how the Chapman's saw God speak to them in crazy occurrences and knew his love for them was unshakable despite their tragedy. The author's vulnerability makes it feel like you are listening to a close friend speak what is on her heart. It is very personal and genuine.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

East to West set 2

Travel by helicopter would have been faster, but these junior VIPs lent their helicopter to the hospital.

4 great grandkids

4 precious faces

One John Deere makes an 8 year old feel like a man.

Touching raw cotton for the first time.

Bunny asked to have his picture taken.

8 kids can eat a lot of pizza. Thanks everyone for hosting us on our whirlwind trip.

East to West

Our trip to west Texas this past weekend.

The boys hitched a ride on a lorry.

Jane had a blue raspberry slushie.

She made a new friend.

Alex jumped the hay bales with ease.

Emily and the Laughing Cow.

Alex tinkers with an old car.

Fritz got some wheels.

Apple picking was super fun. The kids brought their combined weight home in apples.

One of my favorite photos. Ben and his grandmom.