Friday, September 21, 2007

Catch up photos

Fritz scored a goal in his first soccer game.

Snow White, but where are the seven dwarfs?

The last hospital anklet. Poor Ben and Alex had fever from their final rabies shot, but the ER ordeal is over. Hooray.

Ben embellished my hair with some foliage. Thanks. I think I looked like a reindeer from the front.

Being last has developmental advantages, Jane has figured out how to draw with crayons. She even switches colors.

Since spring in Chicago, my diamond has been loose. Now my new setting dazzles on my left hand. Some months early for our tenth anniversary.

1 comment:

stephanie said...

oh oooh. i love the ring! and it looks as if your hair is growing (long, not leafy). maybe i should suggest a hair salon instead of ben.

we have been living it up. we are in mcallen for the weekend for absolutely no purposeful reason. clark didn't even bring a book. i can't remember an trip where he didn't bring study material. but after christmas life will hit hard again, with moonlighting and studying for board exam #2 - writtens. argh.