Friday, March 14, 2008

The last marriage

Thanks to Jen, my artistic sister-in-law, I have a few photos to share of my youngest brother's wedding. Andrew tenderly washing his bride's feet.

The joy on their faces.

My sister Margaret and Michael expecting a baby boy early summer.

A glamor photo, Jen captures Margaret taking a picture.

The more the merrier. Four sisters. Shayna, Jen, Margaret and me.

With my niece Eden.

Four generations. My mom and grandmothers, Jen and Eden.

My brother Peter with his nephews.

My sweetheart and me.


Anonymous said...

Anna, you look beautiful! I'm glad for your sister! That's great news! - Jessica

stephanie said...

wow your family is growing! i know you were so glad to get to see all of them. i love the feet washing, i have never seen that in a wedding, what a wonderful thing. and speaking of washing, how did you all smell that day? tee hee.

M&M said...

neat photos! Did Jenny send you a CD? Those are great...and I think I don't have several of those (even though she made me a DVD of her photos before she left)

Jeanine said...

What beautiful pictures! It looks like their wedding was filled with sweet symbolic moments. I love that.
we miss you all!