Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poor me!

My legs have become a horror story. I am paying handsomely for blueberry picking. At first I thought I had chiggers as only large welts appeared. Now I know otherwise. If you have a weak stomach don't read on. Multiple somethings are tunneling under my skin and leaving puffy, itchy trails. A hot shower makes the streaks more inflamed and even itchier. When I picked up Ben's dermatology book, I read the worst news rare cases the symptoms can last a couple years. Ok. I am a pessimist. If you were living this, you would be to. If you think of something yucky that triggers you to remember me, please pray that these pest find a hasty demise and my legs won't be terribly scarred.


WigintonFamily said...

on anna! please please go see a dermatologist. no offense to dr ben, but i would go if i were you. maybe there's something to be done. i hope the kids are okay.

M&M said...

I will pray...that makes my poor swollen legs sound pleasant!