Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Tribute

The psychiatric hospital is in the background with the turret. When we moved here the realtor said that they use to lock the severely insane in the turret.

One of our favorite libraries. This library has a fabulous playroom stocked with cool toys. The storybook mural is partially three dimensional with trees you can actually sit in. I love how they carried the mural onto the carpet with the stream to cross.

Our grocery store still has a penny horse rides. The kids all enjoy riding while I self-check out.

Sparklers we had to use before we move.


WigintonFamily said...

neat pictures. will you miss k-zoo? when are you moving? i sent you a little something in the mail yesterday for when you get to victoria.

i like the library. too bad the one here got ruined. it's amazing what libraries do now with the chidlren's sectins. i remember growing up the abilene library children's section was just white walls with rows of bookshelves and little tables.

M&M&M said...

Ah...so sad!
I love the first picture. And didn't remember about the psych turret.

Jeanine said...

Sweet memories, and beautiful pictures! I know moving will be bittersweet. When is the big day?