Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grief and Prayer

Today I cried as a mother and a Christian sister for some sweet parents from our Sunday School class in medical school days. They lost their two-year-old sons to a bizarre accident a few days ago. I can't imagine their grief...please lift them up in your prayers as their sorrow must be unspeakable.


Jeanine said...

Anna, I heard about it from Courtney. I am just so sad for them. I didn't really know Stephanie, but please pass word to her if you can that we are fervently praying for them.

Janna said...

I wish we could have had comments from all of you who really knew them the day Sherry talked about it in worship. It was so solem in that service. Erin Scott happened to be there that day to hear. Sherry said one of the best things that I think we should use. It is the time we lift them in prayer because it is unimaginable for them to be able too. They had just been on the island for mother's day.