Saturday, September 04, 2010

Brand Confusion

Today Emily asked, "Do you know where my old lady shirt is? You know, the one with sparkly writing."

It snatched me back 12 years to Ben's mud engineer days and his oilfield coworkers (often ex-convicts) calling their wives and girlfriends their "old lady". I remember telling my husband of a few months that I would never answer to such and that I found the term coarse and disrespectful. Perhaps because I voiced my opinions freely Ben started calling me Spunky instead. It stuck and it is still his pet name for me.

After that sidetrack, Emily found her shirt in her drawer where it was suppose to be. Below you can see her sporting her bedazzled "old lady" shirt which is really an Old Navy shirt. Brand confusion happens to the best of us.


M & M said...

Love the story and the picture behind is really neat. New?

Anonymous said...

there is no way you can just sneak that bird pic in without telling about it. is that wall paper?