Friday, April 08, 2011

My smooth operator

There is something very funny about my second son. He knows how to do nothing and still achieve a lot. Let me rephrase that, he can sit on his hands and still get the job done. It is a remarkable talent for one not yet 9. How does he do it? He has discovered the benefits of child labor, his sisters. On several occasions when I have asked him to clean his closet, he hired Jane to clean it for him. He agreed to pay her a penny when the job was done satisfactorily. Emily heard wind of this generous remuneration and enlisted in his next cleaning crew. He still pays a penny, but somehow his sisters think it is a small fortune. Since he hatched his way out of manual labor with such executive cunning and can afford to pay his employees, I don't see the point of shutting down his smooth operation. Aah, but I do laugh.


WigintonFamily said...

that is awesome. and a good story for when they are older!

M & M said...

Is that like Aunt Methuselah sitting in the back seat giving out presents?

Shayna said...

Hahaha - smooth operator, indeed!