Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dinner Gong


The best features of the room were my parents. Unfortunately, they couldn't stay. Therefore, I had to do something.


Electrical conduit works great for a snap interchangeable art wall.

I chose a bold color (Valspar La Fonda Villa Fountain) and hung curtains near the crown molding to heighten the ceiling. Wired my new old chandeliers.


M & M said...

very unfortunate they could not stay!!!

(love the new look-however!)

WigintonFamily said...

love it! i have always admired your design talent. you should seriously consider interior decorating as a career. or your own tv show! design by anna.

Jane said...

Love the look! and especially the lucite chairs!!! I agree with your friend, you should consider interior design. You have always been especially good with choosing colors. Check out Maria Killam's blog...Color Me Happy. She is a color specialist in Vancouver...lots of interesting articles and perspectives. (You can also find her in my sidebar.)

Beajoy said...

I've always loved your style as well!! I want a whole tour of your house! You've told me about this room, but I love seeing pictures! I'm with the others about you being an interior desinger - I would hire you for e-decorating :)