Monday, July 25, 2011

Foxy Loxy's feasting hole

One day Henny Penny went to the park where she saw...

Mungo Bungo and Yuri Furry, a team of professional competitive eaters. They were so busy exercising their jaws they didn't seem to notice that...

Henny Penny was joined by Goosey Loosey, Ducky Lucky and Turkey Lurkey (from youngest to oldest). Soon they happened upon...

Roscoe Moscow and Natty Nutria, both in the haberdashery business. As up-and-comers, they were on the prowl for the next big sale. The last I heard they were looking to export beaver hats to Russia.

Gertle the Turtle and her entourage made a quick appearance. Many of her hard-shelled friends were surprisingly camera shy.

Pickin Lickin, the grand pappy of the group, seemed content to munch watermelon peels.

Goosey Loosey wasn't aware how tender and moist she looked,

But thankfully she was tough meat compared to this fluff ball which could have been easily downed with a sip from that Gatorade bottle.

Goosey Loosey and Ducky Lucky attached themselves to a gaggle, because they knew that there was safety in numbers.

The triplets Feasty, Leasty and Oliver also exercised pond smarts.

Scrawny Lonnie didn't have to be so careful as his silhouette was only slightly plumper than Foxy Loxy's eyelashes.

In conclusion, I left the park with the birds I came with. They were aflutter to get home and show dad the sights at Foxy Loxy's feasting hole.


Jane said...

Wonderful photos! Not only of the wildlife, but of the animals, too.

M & M said...

Love the latest story!