Thursday, August 11, 2011

For The War Effort

What is going on?

It started with a 34" circle which we cut from muslin fabric.

Fritz marked pattern lines onto the fabric beneath.

After we cut the 9 foot ribbons, marked them and glued them on, the kids took turn writing the message on the parachutes. "Dios es Amor."

Emily with one of her lettered parachutes.

Jane proudly used her best handwriting.

These will be released over guerrilla held areas in Columbia with Bibles attached to the ends.

I imagine a young soldier in fatigues looking up to the sky and seeing this billowing gift. As the spiritual war rages, God gave us this unique chance to send his message of love to the war weary.

Jane did a test drop.

Alex really wanted to climb on the roof of our house to test drop, but I didn't feel like carrying the ladder outside. (On past occasion the kids have all been on the roof. In a flat land the roof perch is excitingly scenic.)

If this is something you might want to do, you can find out more at:


M & M said...

Can't wait to do the same with kiddos. Meanwhile, I think the look suits the new mod fashion of the house. :)

Jane said...

What a splendid idea! I am sharing it with church...It would be a wonderful activity for the kids to do...
Thanks for sharing. (And the "new look" is beautiful!)

Jane said...

Hi Anna
I have shared the link with our church...May I "borrow" your photo of the parachutes in your living room for a blog post? I will not use your family photos... But I think the visual would make a good statement and give a concrete idea how easy it would be to help this ministry.

Jane said...

Hi's me, again. Just saw this idea and thought of you and your kids...Margaret's too (soon)
Check out this idea...