Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A snafu

Keep praying, here is what my brother wrote yesterday:

Well, friends, it seems as if the Lord has different plans for us. It's a long story but as we were boarding our flight in Uganda at midnight tonight, the airline told us that we needed to have transit visas for our kids because we were flying through two European airports. As US citizens, Shayna and I are exempt from those visas but our kids are still Ugandan and apparently have different requirements. It's a real shame that Continental did not tell us anything about this when we booked our flights, but this is what we had to do.

They off-loaded our luggage (well, half of it and the other half accidentally was kept on the plane on its way to Brussels) and told us we would have to stay in Uganda. So we will need to go to the Brussels Airlines office tomorrow and try to find another itinerary that is soon and then we will need to go to the Belgian embassy and try to obtain the transit visas for the kids. Brussels Airlines does not fly out of Uganda everyday so we know that it will not be tomorrow, but we are hoping for maybe later this week.

All that to say, you can take off the party hats and store the confetti for now until further notice. We will let you know when we next plan our trip home. Until then, please pray for our attitudes to remain positive. The kids especially struggled with this whole event as they didn't understand why we couldn't go home.

We trust God's good plans and remain unshaken in Him.


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