Wednesday, October 03, 2012

It All Melts Away

Recently I saw these super magnified photos of snowflakes and was in pure awe.  God detailed them so complexly and exquisitely.  What artist creates something realizing it will just melt away?  Why did God "take time" on something with such a short life?  I think it is because he delights in beauty, in mystery and in human nonsense.  Generations past never got to see these snowflakes in ultra magnification, yet God still sent snow to fall on their heads.  How like him to hide the beauty till the right time.  As technology allows us to see the visible world expand and proof of a Creator amplified, why do people deny that which God has always revealed?   How generous that God still sends snow on a wayward people, a people without excuse.  How like him to not feel wasteful when those flakes vanish.  How like him to write meaning into snow's representation.  To those of the redeemed, our sins have been washed whiter than snow.  That is a dazzling thought.

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M & M said...

What neat thoughts!