Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Egg Drop


When you have chickens, it doesn't seem so wasteful to drop eggs from a twelve foot ladder.  The kids and I borrowed and adapted this egg drop idea from a friend.  It was our goal to package the eggs to prevent breakage.   On the first drop over pavement, my egg in its doubled-over, taped-shut carton broke.  I definitely lost but satisfied my curiosity to see if a regular old carton was up for a free fall.

Emily (apple juice jug, bubble wrap and brown paper) came in second to last with two drops before her egg broke. 
 Fritz (lunch meat container, old socks, shock absorbing sponge and red sash)  
And Jane (solo cup, old socks and brown paper) tied with 4 drops before breakage.

Alex (atom like model with foam balls protruding from the ball encased egg in the center) came in with a whopping 8 drops...his design was ingenious and bouncy.

 No matter, every egg broke eventually.  It was very amusing. 

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M & M said...

I never got to do this in high school--only those in physics class. I feel a bit cheated. They got to do it from the 11th floor.