Friday, August 09, 2013

Acceptable Messes and Divine Mistakes

This mess looks like jellyfish on my bedroom floor.  If you took the time to count them, you would find sixty of a deadly variety. You read that right.  These jellyfish are dangerous, because they will kill notions of self goodness and cause hearts to swell on contact.  Those who experience Jesus are never quite the same.  It is a grace that first stings and then strangely salves. May these red ribbon tentacles be used to grip the hearts of men towards the Red Thread of Redemption, Jesus, himself.
It all started with a simple pattern, muslin, straight pins, scissors, a tape measure, ribbon, markers,
don't forget the glue...lots of it.

With five sets of hands, we had an assembly line going.  Turning out the "jellyfish" parachutes by the dozen. It is our third annual summer project.  

We worked hard to construct these fabric parachutes which will be dropped over FARC- controlled Columbia with Bibles, Christian literature and radios. 

Originally I thought that one of my sweet helpers made a mistake in amor, but then God reminded me that He redeems mistakes.  What if Manuel find this parachute in the dark jungle of Columbia and he sees that thick "M" as a sign that the God of Love loves him.  How easily an accidental misprint becomes a divine message.
If you want to learn more about this hands-on mission project, you can visit:

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