Wednesday, October 09, 2013

What the Tide Brought In

According to legend, 11 years ago we found a precious little baby in a seashell on a beach. 

Happy birthday, dear Fritz.  May you search for Truth like sand dollars and live in the knowledge of your Creator who appointed the boundaries for the ocean, numbers the sand,  and gifted us with you, our very own beach treasure.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday the best looking, sweetest 11year old that I know! I love you, Nana

Jane said...

Happy birthday, Fritz!

I have loved all the photos on your blog. You have such a beautiful family. And I especially enjoyed the "dress-up" photos. They bring back so many memories of you and your siblings (and my boys) from many many years ago.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday fritz!
Love, uncle kevin, aunt tonny, ruth and molly

Jeanine said...

I cannot believe that sweet boy is 11! Happy birthday, Fritz! You are a miracle of God's grace!