Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When Jesus Doesn't Read Your Spirtual Gifts Inventory

This post has been digested and regurgitated every time I hear some well-meaning person say, "You need to take a spiritual gift inventory and see where you are gifted so you can serve in that capacity."

Well, I may step on some toes here.  But when did being gifted in an area mean that is where God wants you?  In fact, Scripture is full of examples where people pleaded with God that they did not have the qualifications. 

Look at Moses claim he was a man, slow of speech and faltering tongue.  Yet God chose him, and not his brother, to speak before the king of Egypt. 

Look at cautious Gideon, toppling an idol under cover of night, because he is fearful of the men of his own town.  Yet God chose him to lead the unprepared men, those who lapped water like a dog, into battle with the Midianites.

Look at Jonah, Mr. I Don't Want To Go; I hate those Ninevites.  Yet God chose him to speak what he found distasteful, and the Ninevites repented. 

Look at Esther, a Jewish orphan, a woman of self-doubts.  Yet God chose her to boldly rescue a nation.

Look at Paul, a former persecutor of Christians.  Yet God chose him to gently lead the flock. 

I believe that if these people had taken a spiritual gift inventory, they would have ranked low in what they were called to do.  They didn't follow human wisdom and match their gifts to a cause.  God matched them where they weren't comfortable or competent.  God predetermined where they were to serve, and he chose places where they had to rely on Him and not their giftedness.

In my life, a spiritual gift inventory may give me a clue where I will serve, but it never seems to be in the likely areas.  No, it is where I am weakest, Jesus often leads me.  He delights in using the lowly, humble, broken, foolish, weak and young to stupefy the wise world.  Don't you know that He still turns tables in the temple and runs out money-making schemes and invites in the poor of spirit?   Humanly, we can't understand His wild outbursts, His management of people and resources.  Jesus loves to clear out our old thinking, and surprise us with the sufficiency of Himself. 

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M & M said...

well put. I have often noted the same. God has regularly used me in areas that I was not equipped so that He would get the glory--not myself.