Sunday, May 18, 2014

When Theology Stares You In the Face

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A four foot thistle in our yard has thorns to scare the courage out of a cactus.  How like God to give the flower with the most menacing thorns the sweetest of smells and unparalleled beauty.  I am humbled that the thistle stands there in the field proudly testifying to the character of its Creator.  Haven't I learned that Jesus colors in magenta that which he wants us to notice?
Yet here my eyes flutter to the dull green thorns and there they are pierced to the core with unbelief.  Are life's difficulties really becoming something glorious in His hands?    Ultimately, do I believe God is good when life isn't?  The thistle is remarkable in it lives perfect theology.  It know that as surely as its thorns unfurl under the sun, there will be a soft luxurious flower to follow.  May the eyes of my heart be captured on the finished work of Jesus, the magenta in the thorns

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