Monday, October 27, 2014

A Head Covered By Prayer

When we were at our favorite thrift store the other day, Jane found a precious panda bear hat for Teddy.  Since the hat had no price tag I took it to the register and inquired.   The lady seemed to be sure it was $8.00 even though it had no price.   Now at thrift store I don't expect to pay retail prices.  I told her that sounded a bit high and said I would not buy it.  As Teddy already has a warm hat, this was an unnecessary purchase.   Well, the little kids and I went to pick up the big kids at school.  I felt increasingly bad that I had not gotten the sweet hat for Teddy.  In the realm of things, $8.00 to make a little boy feel special is nothing.   After the big kids packed into the car, I turned around and went back to the thrift store.   We found the hat again and took it to the register.   This time I was resolved to pay the $8.00 and not worry about it.   I told the new cashier that there wasn't a price on the hat.   She crisply responded, " It is $2.00."

"I'll take it."

There is really no story here if it hadn't been for what Jane told me on the way out the door.   She relayed to me that in the car on the way back to the store, Teddy asked, "Do you think we should pray to God that the panda hat is $1.00?"

Some of you may be skeptical that God answered the voice of a child, because the hat was a dollar more.  However, I am convinced that for a hat to drop $6.00 in thirty minutes God gets the glory.


Now when I see my cute son wearing his black and white hat, I will be reminded and assured that the Creator God who spoke into existence pandas is also speaking to those who bow their heads. My son, who isn't yet a believer, was prompted to pray to his Creator who cares about every little detail of his life.   May you never forget that God blesses us with more than we need and listens when we call to him.  The evidence is on Teddy's head.

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