Thursday, May 10, 2007

Redeeming the Moment

Yesterday I was given an opportunity by the Lord to evangelize my children. For that matter, I am given an opportunity everyday. But yesterday was different because my son broke the glass in our back door. I was angry that I had another project to fix. I was angry that an apology wasn't forthcoming. I may have been "rightfully" angry, but my anger was as destructive as his fist through glass. Fortunately, Ben didn't see son 1 in the ER for hand lacerations. (The drunks all minding their own business don't seem to fair as well when glass "accidentally" shatters.)

Last night I sat with chisel and hammer loosening the frame that held the glass pane in place. It was slow and arduous work to take apart that which has held fast for almost a century. This morning I realized I could use the pane as an object lesson for my children. The sin in our life is like a big noticeable crack in glass. The secret sins might be like little bebee holes, but they are still seen by the Glass Maker. Our life is cracked with sin from birth. In our imperfect state we aren't acceptable to God. Consequently we try on our own effort to hide the sin with good works. Maybe we place a pretty chintz curtain in front of the crack to hide it. Or the more deluded among us try to cover the crack with clear tape as if the Glass Maker won't see our sin. With the awareness our best efforts are inadequate, we ask Jesus to take out our broken pane and put himself in its place. God no longer sees us and our unrighteousness; He sees Jesus and his own reflection. In this He is well pleased.

The moral of this tale is take heed from my initial folly, and as glass will break, redeem a disastrous moment into an eternal moment, a chance to evangelize your kids.


Jeanine said...

I love that you are so teachable and can see opportunity in something that initially seems senseless and frustrating. Your kids are blessed.

stephanie said...

you are a wise lady. this reminds me stop and think before getting angry at my kids. you should be writing a book not a blog.