Sunday, May 20, 2007

Three for Florida

Last week Ben's mom gave us the special gift of travel. She came to watch the little girls while the boys and I went to Florida to visit my grandmother and their great grandmother. On the airplane I got hooked on sudoku puzzles. I completed my first four. If you love logic and tolerate numbers you ought to try one. It provided me hours of mental stimulation and a whopping big headache from rearranging numbers. Seeing my grandmother after many years was a real treat. The boys swam whenever possible, watched the jumping dolphins and the manatees feed on leaves. Speaking of food, Alex and Fritz ate more meals out than the entire past year, and loved it. We enjoyed our time immensely.

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stephanie said...

i love sudoku!!! i can't believe you haven't tried it yet. it's like a drug. i am also amazed that you had calm moments on the plane to concentrate on them. there's a website - hours of time wasting fun!

it sounds like you had a wonderful trip.