Tuesday, June 12, 2007

True to Texas

Last week we flew home to visit family in West Texas. Enjoy the photos.


Amanda said...

Hi Anna, I am Amanda Blair, Jeanine Joyner's sister-in-law, and I love to read your blog. I remember meeting you and your husband when you lived in Galveston. Were you guys in Snyder? The pictures looked familiar, the ones of the kids playing in the water. That is where I am from and I took my kids to that park last summer. I just thought it was cool and had to comment. I remember your husband telling me he lived in Snyder or was from Snyder. Thought it was neat.

Tranquilityofspirit said...

Amanda, I didn't remember you were from Snyder. How crazy. Ben is fighting Tiger class of '93. A few weeks ago, my mom ran into a girl in the London, England airport that was from Snyder. I've forgotten to ask B if he knew her...I think her name was Kayley Phillips, (unsure of the spelling). Hope you and your kiddoes are doing well. So glad you commented, Anna

Jeanine said...

Ah, West Texas. Was it HOT there, especially after a few years in the polar north??? LOVE the pictures. I can't believe how much your kids have grown up! It will be so fun to get Donovan and Alex together again when y'all head this way!

stephanie said...

i love the pictures. ben eating a catapillar. your girls look lovely in their dresses. glad you guys had a good time. it's always good to fly far away from your responsibilities and spend a little family time.