Friday, June 15, 2007

The Blurry Years

Since yesterday was Emily's third birthday. I have posted some pictures that capture a few moments in the last three years.

Many of the photos are suitably blurry since she grew up in a blur. I don't remember her as a baby. I remember months and months of skin problems and doctor visits. Thankfully, the Lord has seen fit to lessen the severity of her sun exposure.

Modeling an antique sunbonnet.

Our little street urchin. Her tangled hair and dirty face would bring charitable gifts from the hardest of hearts.

The arrival of her newest baby doll.

Paper party hats for Dad's birthday.

Sun troubles.

The elfkins and Emily.


stephanie said...

my, it is hard to believe it's been three years. i love that picture of her all dirty, she looks so beautiful under all that grime! i always remember her birthday cause its the same as our anniversary. happy birthday sweet girl!

Jeanine said...

Happy birthday Emily! It takes a special kind of beauty to show through all that dirt! I'm sure it comes straight from your sweet heart.