Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rains of Blessing

As a fourth year, we are enjoying the reduction in call. From 10 calls in 31 days to 7 is something to cheer about. Ben commented it almost feels like he is on vacation. I anticipate this year will go incredibly fast as two months we'll be spending in other states. Two cold months at that. We'll get to weave our way through prospective cities and tour hospitals. If you think I'm counting the days till our decisions are made, you are probably right. I have two years to pray that God prepares us for another spacious land, another place where we'll grow more in his likeness, where we can continue to raise our children, stretch out and enjoy. And I'm thankful that I have two more years to sit under the preaching of God's Word here. The church we began attending in January has been such a blessing in my life. I have been reminded of the unchangeable attributes of God, the simplistic but powerful message of the gospel and the joy of being a believer. Things I intellectually knew I have seen lived out in our church. I feel like I am dry ground being moistened by the Truth. I'm impatient to be saturated.


stephanie said...

you are already looking? tell me, what states are you looking at? are you taking two whole months off? how are you doing that? i am full of questions, huh.

i too an eagerly anticipating what our future holds. right now i have no clue where we'll end up. i pray that God will give us both direction. i look back on us 3 years ago as we sat in that auditorium on match day with no clue what was in that envelope. i wonder what is in our next envelope.

pbandj7 said...


glad to hear all that. by the way, what church are yall going to?