Thursday, July 12, 2007

Warm Weather Increases Productivity

As the weather gets nicer I notice I post less. We have been outside enjoying our Indian Summer. When it is this gorgeous it is hard to think of moving, but then in the 17 degrees sunless, six months of winter you couldn't convince me to stay. Yesterday we picked blueberries, four buckets worth. They are incredibly large and sweet.

Task-oriented Alex and Emily applied themselves to filling their buckets to the brim. Easy-going Fritz preferred to eat that which he picked. And Undiscriminating Jane picked berries off the bushes and the ground, ate them whether green or blue and had a very muddy mouth when we were finished.

On Sunday, as I was helping Emily get dressed, Jane found some shorts and draped them over her shoulders. She dressed herself for church. At the impressionable age of one, she must have seen a sari somewhere and tried to the duplicate the effect. She is a girl after her mama's heart.

In the last two weeks I have read five books and painted my dining room twice. Here is the latest color. Perhaps I shouldn't admit it, but since moving in, this room has changed colors five times.

And a funny unrelated note: History has a way of repeating itself. When someone near and dear me was little, he saw a toilet on display in a store and proceeded to use it. Well, a few days ago when we were in the hardware store, Emily saw a toilet in the plumbing aisle and adjusted her outfit to climb up on the seat. I turned around just in time to see her obvious intentions.


Jeanine said...

Your dining room is beautiful! Only you would find the "time" to paint it 5 times! :) You always were a focused one...must be where Alex and Emily get it! Your home could grace the cover of any decorating magazine. You can do more with a little than anyone I know.
Oh, and I loved your comment...I had not thought about that in a long time. You were the first ones, aside from grandparents, who we had ever left Donovan with! I remember getting to your house with Olivia and waking him up to meet her. What sweet memories, and what a blessing that we got to share that with you!

stephanie said...

honestly, i don't know how you do it. you must have a twin sister hiding in a closet somewhere.

it is so humid this week. i work up a sweat just getting the three into the car to go to the grocery store. enjoy your nice weather!

i met the new family that lives in your old house. i can't remember their last name, but they are a sweet christian japanese couple with two kids - a girl age 1 and a boy age 4 (i had the boy in my vbs class). the mom goes to pray and play too and i think she's going to join resiterns. getting plugged in right away! the hubby is doing a fellowship at shriners. they are from boston. anyway, they are opc, (orthodox presbyterian) which is a very small denomination. jessie's family is opc. anyway, i thought it was a cool coincidence that connected two of my dearest friends.

stacy seago said...

Wow, you are woman...hear you roar! The story of the toilet is hilarious!!!