Friday, December 14, 2007

The Daughter of the King

If you were in the presence of the Lord tonight, there would be much rejoicing. The angels are no doubt blowing their party poppers and throwing confetti. Something long prayed for has come to pass. My Emily had her spiritual birthday today. When I noticed the date it seems so fitting as now her two birthdays coincide on the 14th. She surprised me completely. I had just finished praying with the kids before giving them their goodnight kisses. Emily asked to pray which isn't all that unusual. She prays for her baby (Jane) and then tends to mumble minutes worth of gibberish. I must admit there are times I have wanted to hasten her "amen". Tonight she prayed for her baby and then said "Jesus live in our hearts. Amen." Her prayer was not prompted or worded by me. She was sincere and "our hearts" included her heart. For months I have been sharing with her what Jesus did for us and how he loves us. At times I have felt quite discouraged because she would constantly change the conversation or cut me off. Seemingly she had no interest. But the Holy Spirit was at work. After she prayed, Emily got up from her pallet on the floor to give me a big hug and Alex came over to give her a big hug. It was a moment too sweet to describe. When Daddy returns tomorrow from his conference, what news we will have for him. If he could only see the delight in my teary eyes and hear the shouts in glory, he would know his daughter is now also the daughter of a king.


M&M said...

I am in tears too...almost so I cannot type this. That is wonderful!

M&M said...

really...I sat there weeping as I read it to Michael.

Jeanine said...

Oh, ANNA! Praise God! It sounds like you and I are having quite a week, aren't we? What a precious, precious moment for you and that sweet girl. It will be amazing when we all get to heaven to see for ourselves the celebrations for our childrens' salvation! Oh Hallelujah! I am so happy for you!