Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rooflines to Rot

DISCLAIMER: For those few that think the source of cavities is too much time in front of the internet, it can't hurt to brush after viewing these sugary photos.

This our first year to make graham cracker houses. While the little cherub above napped the three older children built a neighborhood.

Our supply of airline cardboard made the basic structures. Then we covered them with the wax paper liners from cereal boxes.

Yes, we could have purchased individual milk cartons, but recycling is so economical and requires no trip to the grocery store. With four additional shoppers, believe me, that is worth more than the money saved.

Since candy is not usually kept on hand, this roofline to teeth rot was a view to cherish and digitally preserve.


Jeanine said...

Such beautiful creations! I'm long did they last before the rooflines came tumblin' down at the hands of their makers?

stacy seago said...

I love it! I would love to do this with Bryant....but not so much Mary Grace, she would have to nap too.

stephanie said...

that is cute. i have never done that, i don't even know what you are supposed to hold them up. (frosting?)