Sunday, January 27, 2008

So Long Single Digits

Who are these sweet things? The donut maker and her manager.

The girl that says "geeese".

Daddy's home, it is time to fly.

Ben caught us watching I Dream of Jeannie under warm covers. For some odd reason Fritz was wearing swim goggles and carrying a gun.

Another inside moment because the outside is so bitterly cold.

Grilling Christmas present steaks in 9 degrees. They were delicious. Thank you, Grillmaster.

We are leaving on Friday for the south. While we are away, the single digits can keep company with the mesmerizing snow. Winter is indeed cold here, but it is fabulously beautiful. The snow whirls around on the highways like sand. And the whiteness is so complete and pure that having our sins washed as white as snow will always hold a special understanding in my heart.

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stephanie said...

that's such a good picture of our sin, washed away white as snow. it also makes me think of how we muck it up into brown slush soon afterwards. but what a picture!

fortunately utmb is reimbursing us most of the cost of clark's trip to washington. unfortunately we are down to our last dollar (literaly) in the "savings" account. but, fortunately we are counting on some extra income in march to save our hides. it's amazing how God provides for us exactly what we need exactly when we need it.

lookin forward to seeing you guys! you know you are welcome to stay the night here if you wish, on our fancy blow up beds of course. 11 people, 1 bathroom! fun!