Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photo collage

2 Dressed-up and 1 dressed-down. Avery knows how to pose for pictures unlike my girls.

Someone favors her Daddy.

Baby skin is so beautiful.

Even the giant catfish thinks she looks tasty.

Playing ring around the rosy with kids incapable of falling down.

Another giant catfish. Fishing must be good in Nashville.

And a sea serpent. My, My.

Swings are invitingly scattered throughout the downtown park.

At the Tennessee Parthenon.

Only a few days before we left. Since our migration south, church has been cancelled three times back home. Which means we escaped some bone chilling weather.


M&M said...

Love the photos!!!
Aren't you glad you are not in the midst of the snow?

Jeanine said...

Aw! What fun to see the photos! I'm so sad that I didn't take more pictures. But I did get a cute one of Fritz and Donovan. I'll have to post that next time. Call me soon so we can get together again!