Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Little Golden Book Moment

"There once was a little girl who was always and forever asking questions: 'How do birds fly?...Why can't I touch the sky?...What makes flowers grow?...Where do snowflakes come from?'

One day, when the little girl was wandering about thinking up new questions, she saw something lying on a table.

When she picked it up, she saw that it was a picture of a baby...She ran to show her mother what she had found.

'Who is it?' the little girl asked.

'Can't you guess?' replied her mother.

'No,' said the little girl. 'Have I ever seen this little baby?'

'Yes. In a way, you use to see her every single day.' "

After spending the morning searching for the missing baby, she runs back to her mother.

"'Mommy, I know where the baby went!'

'You do?' said her mother, pretending to look all around the room. 'Where is she?'

'Here I am!' the little girl said, and she ran and jumped into her mother's arms, feeling very pleased with herself!"

Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin, a favorite from my childhood. This morning I felt like I was living this little golden book. As I uploaded these pictures of the girls, I was astounded at how thin Emily's face has grown and how much older Jane looks. Where did the babies go?


stephanie said...

the baby years are practically behind you now! that picture of emily reminds me of little house on the prairie.

M&M said...

that's true...
a bit sad that you will not have any more little babies!
However, whenever you lack for them, feel free to come visit me! :)

Jeanine said...

Where DID those babies go??? I've been having the same feeling of disbelief. It will really hit us when they are all potty-trained.