Friday, May 02, 2008

A Must See!

Circling the globe. I received this from Saudi and the subtitles are in Chinese, but the interview is in English. This video link is a young man's testimony in trusting God's goodness and perfect plan. I won't give away any it.,


stephanie said...

i listened to it - and wow! i am amazed at his positive attitude. he totally puts me in my place - how dare i whine about our family's circumstances! his disability is his gift.

M&M said...

That was wonderful to hear him actually speak--I had heard he was incredible--and he is! He really knows how to encourage people going through all sorts of trials and remind them we can be victorious and perfect in the Lord.
He came to talk to our church and I am so disappointed we could not was the week I came down with the flu several months ago.