Saturday, June 28, 2008

Swim:Though It Be but 59 Degrees

Jane enjoyed watching the older three swim.

Skinny buddies.

Alex was the smallest swimmer in the advanced class.

Emily must have gypsy blood...she has always been a wanderer. She even strayed from her guppy class in the pool.

Lined up for the diving board.


Catch me.

The face of distress. His toes were blistered and bleeding from the pool bottom. He wore socks in the pool after that.

At the park behind the pool. Jane on the conveyor belt slide. If you talk while you are going down, it will cause you to stutter. And if you stick your tongue out, it will waggle back and forth.

Smelling the flowers leaves pollen on her face.


Jeanine said...

Skinny wet boys and cold air are a brutal combination! Way to go for persevering!
I image of Jane on the conveyor belt slide made me laugh. I can just imagine that tongue waggling as she went down! What a cutie.

stephanie said...

oh my does it ever get hot there? jane and her tongue crack me up. katie sticks her tongue out when she goes down the slide in the kiddy pool. it's like a sign of pure excitement and fun.

M&M said...

brrr...Texas warmth here you come!
I too love the thought of Jane sticking out the tongue while sliding down the slide.

Beajoy said...

Yowzers!!! Get those boys some wetsuits!!! Funny how when you're little that kind of stuff doesn't bother you! Great pics - it's so fun to see your kids.