Sunday, September 21, 2008

Newly-formed Lake Bronson

The deepest part I discovered was eight inches above my knee. The water was cold and Jane was hesitant.

The water in the adjoining parking lot was quite shallow and as warm as bath water.

Walking on water...or submerged park benches.

Due to the eleven inches of rain and a creek overspilling its banks, Bronson Hospital (in the background) now boasts private rooms with lake view. This use to be a large grass field.

We live five minutes from the hospital, but with the flooded roads it took Ben 45 minutes to get to work.

Well, a nice policeman thought I was crazy to let my kids wade and play in "stagnant" water, but the water was irresistible even to this grown-up. And it was doctor approved. Frankly, I was only to pleased to get their bathing suits and fritter away an afternoon at the park. We had so much fun that I took them twice within a few days.

Emily is thrilled Cubbies has started again.

Necklace models.


WigintonFamily said...

girl you are a nut. i agree with the policeman. but i am sure your kids will live over it. i love how you tend to go against the trend.

samuel cried today when i took him to school. please pray for him. i sat with him during morning chapel and walked him to his classroom, where more tears were shed.

M&M said...

Wow! Is that all from our hurricane?

And JAne looks so grown up now!

Jenny Smucker said...

My kids and I would have been right there with you! What a fun adventure! You get the "Fun Momma" award, in my book. :)

Beajoy said...

Those are great pictures!! Looks like fun. You got a lot of rain!!!! I was also wondering if that was from the hurricane. Love the greeting card story too! Funny that Alex would think up that profession of all professions!