Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Saturday Walk


Jeanine said...

Incredible pictures! I also love your last is so amazing to see how different kids can be down to the last detail.

WigintonFamily said...

beautiful pictures. love the one of you on the tree. i also love the diversity of the way your kids dress, from shorts and t-shirt to long pants and long sleeve shirt.

i hope you had a happy birthday! i mean just look at you, not even 30, four kids and still skinny and pertty!

Beajoy said...

Great pictures! That park looks gorgeous!!! I love the one of you in the tree! Cute shirt! Well Happy Birthday from me too. Sorry I missed it. How old are you anyway now? It seems like only yesterday I was 23 and met you. I just can't BELIEVE how fast life is flying by!

Beajoy said...

I'm very impressed with Jane on the bike! I know she's using training wheels, but she seems so young to be able to ride a bike. I suppose she watches her older siblings and does what they do.

gwen said...

Hi, hope all is well, the kids are growing up so fast. Hope to come in Sept have a few days off. email or call, need to coordinate when Ben is off, so you guys can have a, nana

M&M said...

love these incredible photoramas!!!

(except Alex looks like he has his arm cut off in the second picture--don't worry, I have one like that that I loved until someone told me I looked like I was missing a limb too)

and Jane is quite growing up! Not a baby anymore!

And who is the daredevil on the tree? Alex?

Also, cannot believe that your leaves are already changing!!! It sure makes for a pretty picture though.