Friday, December 12, 2008

The Best of the Bad

So I staged some pictures, because I realized I haven't taken as many pictures this year as last. With four wiggly kids, blurry images, crossed-eyes or dirty faces...5 pictures out of the 50 seems an adequate return. If I had been optimistic, I would have been disappointed with one-tenth.

Here is my little tongue girl. If you look closely you can see I removed my fanciful crystal chandelier. It already moved to Texas. Ben and I hung a less exciting but pleasant chandelier.

Fritz wanted to wear my grandfather's bow tie and Alex chose a man's clip-on which explains the length. All men with two arms should know how to tie a tie...clip-ons are for little boys. In case you think I'm jabbing at my husband, I'm not. Ben has only real ties.

For some reason, Emily's eyes are the size of onions. She is expressive.

Clustered together. I love how Jane posed herself. Chubby little hands and elbows.


M&M&M said...

Those are so sweet!!!
The last one is the most precious semi-serious one...hope that makes it into a frame at some point.
I also think that Jane may have a career cut out for her in modeling...she seems the most naturally posable :)

WigintonFamily said...

nice pictures! i love how you always have fancy clothes for them to pose in. i wonder if we will manage a christmas picture this year with four - i'm thinking we will skip the christmas card picture thing this year. thanks for giving me realistic expectations for future pictures. i remember way back BC (before children) we would pose for our christmas picture with midget.

Jeanine said...

LOVE all the pictures! your kids have such wonderful smiles. And I just caught up on the last few posts...the one about plural nouns was so clever! Makes me almost wish I was homeschooling because I have forgotten so much...almost! :)