Saturday, December 06, 2008

Thursday Sledding

We had the golf course to ourselves. It made sledding less treacherous. It really was as cold as it looks. The temp was around 20 degrees and my camera hand was in excruciating pain when I got home.

Sparky, who came home with us this week, tried sledding too. However after one ride down Sparky told Fritz he preferred to sit in the car.


M&M&M said...

love these pictures!!! Aren't you glad you are moving to sunny, warm Victoria?
Bet the kids will miss the snow though.
The B&W picture of Jane midway down looks so much like you when you were little!!!

Jeanine said...

So cute! Are you a teeny bit sad that you won't have anymore red cheeks in the winter? there is something so cute about them. Of course, Summer will probably give you more red than you can imagine, so it may all even out! I know you will be so happy to be finished with the move. When is the official "we are outta here" date?

WigintonFamily said...

thanks for the sweet comment on xanga. i miss you living nearby too! do you remember the fishers? they lived in your house for about a year, then moved into an apartment nearby to save money. ike flooded them and they lost pretty much everything. i gave yuki a small mattress the other day, and yesterday, she brought me a meal! a huge meal! they have been the only family to give us food. but we are making it. thank goodness for the invention of frozen foods.

i have been trying to take it easy. ironically, this delivery was the easiest on me, and i feel better than i did with the last two. which is good because last time, i had help, and now i am flying solo.

it is coooold here. rainy and in the 40s. misery. i am glad it's going to be back in the 60s in a few days. i would never survive in michigan.