Thursday, April 02, 2009

The old Read-olla

My book suggestions of the week:

Astounding! Fast-paced and exquisitely descriptive.

Travel to Greenland and to a little known war conflict. The author makes you feel the inner palpitations of the "enemy": the regret and indecision, the loyalty and fear, the thought process and humanity.

Save this for the day you are feeling sorry for yourself. It changed my perspective of what we "need" for this life and what God wants for us. The road of obedience may not be easy. Like his last name Goforth, God sent this Canadian forth to do amazing things in a distant land. His faith, uncomplaining spirit amidst great devastation and exhaustless service well into his golden years is hard to condense. I read this aloud to Alex.

This last one has some faulty earth origins, but even still it is an interesting look at an eccentric Polish family in WWII. It is tragic when you realize the Polish people fared so badly in the war. They were invaded by two countries, much of their population annihilated, their buildings rubble-ized and then their Soviet "rescuers" enslaved the survivors in a restrictive colorless existence. What I took away was that freedom becomes more precious when we loose it.


M&M&M said...

How on earth do you find time to read this much???

M&M&M said...

PS I am going to ignore this list (unlike every other time you post fun reading) cause I just can't get through my own books. Next time, would you please post some reading about books I at least own so I don't end up with a library book and one less read from my own library? :)