Monday, April 06, 2009

King Stitch

Since the sight of blood makes some people squeamish, I made these images black and white. Poor Prince Pocketknife was resizing a cardboard box and slit his thumb.

Fortunately King Stitch was home. He found his doctor bag and sterilized his instruments. In a few moments Prince Pocketknife's gaping slit was neatly sewn.

Two stitches wiser and

bravely silent.


M&M&M said...

Wow! Your Prince Pocketknife looks so grown up here!

WigintonFamily said...

poor little guy. he looks so brave in the pictures. clark sewed up samuel's head last year when he fell into some furniture. thank goodness for our husbands or we would have been headed to the e.r.

you have been updating so much you are hard to keep up with! i still think of yall as i drive by your old house - they repainted the picket fence and took out the hedge and that big magnolia tree - thanks to ike i suppose. the front steps are neatly lined with potted plants.

Jenny said...

My goodness! What a brave young prince! It sure is good that the King keeps his spare doctor bag at home! It sounds a little more advanced that Evelyn's doctor kit. I don't think she has the supplies to stitch up anyone, should they need it.