Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here's our recent happenings. Two weeks ago the kids and I accompanied Ben to Chicago for his board preparation course. Ben was gone most of the week as he put in 12 hour days but I had a glorious time walking everywhere, enjoying the spring flowers, taking the kids to the pool on floor 19, eating food someone else cooked, and not having to clean house. Chicago River North is one of my favorite destinations. It has such amazing architecture, window fronts, parks and interesting people. The kids were delighted with the Lego store and American Girl place. Everywhere you look there is something to feast your eyes.

One day we walked to the Lincoln park zoo and saw some pure white, long-necked deer I never knew existed. The exotic animals were magnificent proof of a creator. At lunch, the seagulls were so cheeky that they swooped down on our table to steal some potato chips...maybe a rarer treat for us than them.

Jane was pretty frustrated that the monkeys behind glass wouldn't look at her monkey shirt, but I wasn't surprised because monkeys aren't known for their sensitivity to youngsters. Her insistence to press her screen-printed tee to the glass raised a chuckle from other parents.

While we were away we had a record number of showings and one family wanted to put in an offer. Sadly, the verbal offer was dismally low because they couldn't get bank financing for more. I really thought they were the ones...of the 365 days in the year the lock box code even matched the date they came.

Here we are waiting for June 12. Ben's graduation. I was suppose to move in a few days but with the house still unsold I stay. I admit I am worn out. Having our house show ready is exhausting. It is a curse to be perfectionist because there is always something more to be done and I assume everyone else will notice what is glaringly obvious to me.

Here's looking forward to dishes in the sink and clothes on the chair. Just the freedom to be messy (even if I'm not a messy person).


WigintonFamily said...

i hear you! i always wait until they call but then i am frantically cleaning it seems until the minute they come. either way it isn't that much fun. i have even stuck my dirty dishes in the oven, shoved papers under the bed, and cram all the dirty laundry into the washing machine.

i think we may have sold it though! we are officialy pending right now! and i just got back form dallas today house hunting (alone with four kids, but that's another story.) and it's almost like God handed us the absolutely most perfectest house in the world.

and perfectest must be a word cause my spell-check didn't underline it in red.

anyway hang in there. have faith!

Kevin and Tonny said...

How do you do it? My little angel is a handful on have four! You are my hero.

Jeanine said...

I remember all too well those days of trying to keep a perfect house so it would sell. Hang in there...soon you will be letting the laundry pile up and dishes rot in the sink with abandon! :) Sorry it is taking so long. I know that is frustrating. I am glad you had a nice trip to Chicago, though. That must have been a well-timed break from all the house-selling stress!

Jenny said...

I haven't caught up on the bloggy world in a while-- it's good to read your updates! The pics from Chicago are great! I can't believe that Lego man... incredible.

I've had all sorts of litte reminders lately about the sovereignty of God, and that He is indeed trustworthy. It's nice to know that even in your house-selling He is sovereign, and you can rest in Him!

Beajoy said...

I'm sorry about your house and it holding up your move! I am praying for you and your house to sell soon!! The Lord is in control!! Well Ben's on the homestretch now!! That's so exciting! Well I miss you - call me anytime! Talk to you soon.